About Us


Our Commitment to Excellent Service

We believe in providing every single client with Five Star customer service which consistently exceeds expectations.  We have created customized customer service staff training incorporating the best practices across several industries.  Navigating the legal system can be frustrating, especially if it is your first time dealing with a legal issue. 

Most of our clients have never hired a lawyer before using our firm.  Our law firm is passionate about educating clients and the community about the process of resolving their legal problems.  Understanding what is happening at different stages of the legal process helps ease a lot of our clients’ anxiety in an already stressful situation.   Many law firms provide legal representation, but we are committed to being the best at it.

Our Journey

In March 2011, Stacy started Stacy Shaw & Associates, LLC with $300 at a table at the Super Flea Market in Kansas City.  After a few weeks, we moved to a tent at Nate’s Swap and Shop on 63rd Street.  Every weekend, Stacy set up a tent and offered free legal advice about traffic tickets to people shopping for tires, tools, and trinkets.  Over the next few months, more and more people started searching for the “lawyer in the tent across from the taco truck”.  In June 2011, Stacy Shaw & Associates launched its first television commercial advertising $99 traffic tickets and introduced legal services as an affordable and accessible option to all people regardless of their income. 

In 2012, Stacy moved the firm to its first brick and mortar location at 3535 Broadway and hired its first full time associate attorney Tom Dalton. The firm expanded to include Personal Injury representation focusing on auto and trucking accidents.  Keeping to its’ roots, the Stacy Shaw Law team set up a tent at community events and festivals providing free legal advice and basic legal education.  The firm also introduced the distribution of its legendary Stacy Shaw Law wristbands.  To date, over 50,000 wristbands have been distributed to adults and children in Kansas City.

In 2013, the firm was expanding so rapidly that it moved to a bigger office in downtown Kansas City in the Mark Twain Building.  It quickly outgrew its first office on the 11th floor and moved to its current location on the 17th floor overlooking the east view of Kansas City. 

In 2014, Stacy Shaw Law launched what is now known as Project Freedom.  As passionate community advocates, the management team decided to increase the firm’s community presence.  The firm launched a public radio show, Shaw Nation, which focused on community legal education.  Stacy increased the number of community education events, elementary school presentations, and joined the Advisory Board of the Adult Education and Literacy Program for Kansas City Public Schools.  The firm also introduced the Stacy Shaw Law Annual College Scholarship. 

Stacy Shaw Law continued expanding its outreach initiatives in 2015 with the introduction of Project Freedom Week.  The week of events raised money for local charities and promoted the firm’s commitment to widespread access to quality legal services and our passion for justice and freedom. “Justice is For All of Us” became the rallying cry of Stacy Shaw Law and its clients demanding justice regardless of income, race, or social status. 

In 2017, we completely overhauled our law firm to streamline our client service model, enhance communication with our clients, and reduce administrative error to less than 1%. We refocused our community efforts concentrating on community education, providing financial aid for legal services to low income clients, and increasing our volunteer hours with Faith Academy (now Harvest Christian School). Stacy is now a legal correspondent on the most popular urban morning show in Kansas City.  Her legal education segment, “Stacy Shaw Knows the Law” is featured every Tuesday morning at 7:35 a.m. during the “Morning Grind with Shay & Shyne Show” on Hot 103 JAMZ.