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Stacy Shaw & Associates, LLC | Traffic. DWI. Personal Injury.


Stacy Shaw and Associates, LLC is a Kansas City based law firm dedicated to aggressively serving clients in Missouri and Kansas. Our areas of practice include Traffic Defense, DWI or DUI Defense, and Personal Injury Cases. If you are faced with a legal problem that may affect you or a member of your family, we encourage you to call Stacy Shaw and Associates at
(816) 359-1877 today!

We're here to help! Our attorneys and staff will listen to your concerns, review your case, and aggressively represent you in court. We will treat you and your case with great respect and discretion. Don't let a legal problem take its toll on your financial future or your personal freedom. Take the first step toward hiring quality legal representation by calling the legal team at Stacy Shaw and Associates about your case.



  • "I used Stacy Shaw Law for a traffic ticket in Kansas City.  The service was phenomenal.  When I met Stacy, I immediately felt confident in her ability to represent me.  Her firm was very supportive throughout the process.  I have and will continue to refer her over and over again!"

    Teresa M. Former Client and Local Business Owner
  • "I am so happy I chose Stacy Shaw & Associates.  They have made a huge difference in my case.  The staff has been awesome and has made my life so much easier throughout this process.  I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family!"

    Robert D.client, education administrator
  • I am so happy I called Stacy.  I was able to get my license back after being suspended and revoked for ten years.  Working with her was great and she got me driving again!

    Ryan H.former client, construction worker
  • The team at Stacy Shaw Law really helped me with my case.  I am a college student and the payment plan and affordable prices allowed me to be represented by an awesome attorney!

    Anna G.client, college student
  • Using Stacy Shaw Law was so convenient.  I was able to get everything taken care of without ever going into the office.  The staff was professional and very nice.  I would definitely recommend her. 

    Matt D.former client, local business owner
  • My attorney made me feel very comfortable about the experience.  This is was my first ticket in 15 years and I had a lot of questions about the process.  The staff took the time to really explain everything to me.   I will definitely use Stacy again if I get a ticket. 

    Gloria S.former client, stay at home mom


The legal staff at Stacy Shaw Law are committed to putting our clients and their legal concerns at the center of everything we do. Every case we take is assigned to a team of highly-experienced legal professionals whose sole mission is to provide the clients with expert legal advice and Diamond-Level service.

At Stacy Shaw and Associates, we have a passion for detail and we promise to work hard on every aspect of your legal case. We use upfront pricing to take the guesswork out of our attorney's fees and we work to keep our rates reasonable and affordable.

"Having a good attorney is a luxury we should all be able to afford."
- Attorney Stacy Shaw, Founding Partner

Your personal freedom, confidence, and convenience are our top priorities. Our Kansas City law firm is taking a fresh approach to legal representation, and we want to represent you in your case. Call Stacy Shaw and Associates today at (816) 359-1877.